glass office partitions

ELCON Projects Specialise in aluminium glass office partitions & plasterboard walls, we pride ourselves on offering exceptional service, unique designs and the highest quality products, helping our clients to create effective and innovative workspaces. By effectively dividing your valuable workspace, you can help nurture a productive workforce and enhance your organisation’s culture and identity. Choosing aluminium glass office partitions can give your office the modern feel you desire. A stylish solution – a seamless finish and subtle lighting adds style to your office.

glass office partitions

Why Glass Office Partitions

Glass office Partitions are: 
Customisable – our glazing channels come in a wide variety of modern powder coated finishes.
Modern – gives any office the corporate high end look & feel
Fast installation – for minimum disruption to your business.
Natural light – allows it to flow threw to all corners of your office.
Privacy – without making employees feel cut off.


Fluted / Reeded Glass Partitions

It is one of the latest interior design trends within commercial glass office partitions, Highly popular among architects and interior designers looking to add texture to a office space while diffusing light and adding an element of privacy.

This decorative glass office partition is crafted with smooth vertical patterns providing an elegant combination of visibility and privacy. The linear curves create the illusion of smooth flowing streams of water and especially in clear glass, offering a sense of clarity that benefits any room. The fluted structure of this decorative glass enables light to dance from flute to flute for a luxurious and sophisticated aesthetic.

Fluted glass office partitions solves the problem of creating privacy while still maintaining light and airy interior spaces, it is ideal for internal rooms where the desire for space and privacy meet. The fluted glass delicately distorts the view through the glass pane while allowing light to stream through, perfect for bathrooms, offices or spaces where a slight element of privacy is desired

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Glass Doors

The introduction of a glass door to a glass office partition gives any office the WOW factor. With or without a frame – depending on acoustics required, the introduction of a glass door will give the natural light in the office a chance to reach every corner. Our range of framed and frameless glass doors will add the perfect finishing touch to your office. With the option of lever handles, pull handles, locks and closers, the glass door is a classy alternative to the conventional timber veneered finish

glass office partitions
glass office partitions

Timber Doors

We supply these cost-effective, modern timber MDF doors in a range of finishes, including timber veneers and wood grain. They’re ideal for commercial interiors. You also have the choice of lightweight standard cores and fire-rated options, with or without window apertures.