Commercial Defits & Makegood

Stripping out or having to Makegood your premises ? At ELCON Projects we specialize in end of lease office strip outs, De fits & Commercial Makegoods, Restoring office premises back to base building after the tenants lease has expired. ELCON Projects is in your corner to help explain your Makegood obligations & see you through this daunting process which if not approach properly from the start could potentially end up a costly disaster.

Commercial Defits & Make Good

Office Stripouts

Undertaking a professional office strip out is a vital process for any commercial operation. This practice involves a thorough overhaul or renovation of your commercial, office or retail space. ELCON Projects will conduct a customised service designed to return the space back to its original state or ensure it meets your future requirements. Whether you have just undertaken a new lease or reaching the end, ELCON Projects are here to assist with a safe, fast and reliable service.



Our Makegood service includes the following:

call today for a FREE no obligation quote and let us help you fulfil your end of lease obligations and save you money & the unnecessary hassles.​

Commercial Defits & Make Good